Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the Sunday service?
The service begins at 10:30 am. Don't worry if you are late in arriving - you can slip in without a problem. The service usually concludes by 11:45.

What should I wear to church?
It is up to you. Some of us wear business suits, others wear casual clothes, including jeans and t-shirts.

Where is the church?
We rent the Chapel of the Epiphany for worship on Sunday mornings. maps

Where can we find parking?
It can be a bit challenging to find parking but it is worth it. directions

Is the church made up mainly of people from the university?
While a number of us live at or are connected with UBC, the majority of us live and work off campus. The congregation includes young mothers, retired elders, professionals, students, singles and families among many others.

What do you do in worship?
We sing, listen to readings from the Bible and to a sermon, receive an offering and pray together. Afterwards we gather for refreshments and conversation with one another.

What is the music like?
The soundtrack of the congregation contains elements from many different parts of the Christian tradition. The style can vary from classical to folk to plainsong to gospel hymns. Most of our singing is accompanied by a piano.

How many people will be there?
On most Sundays there are about seventy of us.

Does it cost anything to attend?
No. During the service many people put an offering of money in a collection plate. You are welcome to pass the plate without making an offering.

Will we feel out of place?
We hope not - the congregation includes a wide range of people who will be glad to welcome you and to help you feel at home.

Will there be pressure to join?
No. The most important thing for us is not to sign people up but that each person finds a place to belong.

What if we are not Christians?
As a Christian community we are open to the insights and questions of others from any tradition or background. You are welcome to add your thoughts and questions to ours.

Are children welcome?
Yes, children are very welcome. There is a Little Ones program for those five years of age and younger every Sunday. There is Sunday School for those ages six through twelve from September through June ... more

Do you baptise children?
Yes, we offer the sacrament of baptism for people of all ages, including children.

How are youth and teens involved?
Youth are welcome participants in worship and in all aspects of our life.

Do you have a ministry on campus?
Yes, we partner with the United Church Campus Ministry.

Do you welcome weddings?
We welcome inquiries about celebrating Christian marriage with us.

Would you hold a funeral for us?
We are glad to offer funerals & memorial services as a part of our ministry.

Can I speak with the minister?
Our Congregational Minister is available to meet with you about any matter related to learning or living the Christian faith.

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