Training — Didache

“the way you learned Christ”
- Ephesians 4:20

"Didache" (pronounced “did-a-kay”) is the mark of a Christian community in which all are being trained in the way of Jesus. We notice that when Paul writes to the Ephesians he does not speak of them learning “about Christ”. Instead, he talks of “learning Christ” image of a lambin the same way that we might describe someone “learning French”. We believe that living as a Christian community in a sea of consumerism and individualism is akin to being trained as apprentices in the peculiar ways of a foreign culture. Through this training we are learning the ways of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who seeks and saves the lost.

Learning Christ - didache -involves living the biblical story in our lives and life together. The marks of service - diakonia, community - koinonia and worship - liturgia all provide occasions for us to be apprentices in Jesus' way by living and telling the good news - the kerygma of Jesus Christ.

Learning Christ
We have much to learn. We want to grow in our understanding of the story of the Bible. We are eager to read and discuss the Bible so that we can better know the God it reveals to us. One of the ways that we host the Bible is by following a set of scripture readings called a lectionary - a three year cycle that takes us through the story of the Bible Sunday by Sunday. The readings for each Sunday of the year and for festival days are included in the Christian Seasons Calendar.

A regular facet of life at University Hill Congregation is the annual creation of a Lenten devotional book. In it up to forty-seven of us - young and old - host a scripture text on behalf of the congregation. As we read the resulting devotional book during the forty day season of Lent (and the seven Sundays as well) we discover rich testimony about God’s activity in our midst. The creation of the book reminds us that all of us have the capacity to listen for a Word from God and to share what we hear with one another. This year's devotional book is online here .





Children & Adults
Our Christian Education ministry seeks to give children, youth and adults a variety of opportunities to learn the Way of Jesus.

Robin & Aaron Andersen create a welcoming and creative environment where our elementary aged children are invited into the Christian story.

The Little Ones program provides a caring entry into Christian community and the Christian story every Sunday morning for infants, toddlers & pre-schoolers. As children grow we invite them to be trained in the habits of a Christian life by inviting them to practice the Christian way of life alongside mentors and elders.

Bible studies and book groups for adults include a wide variety of learners in ongoing conversation about our lives as disciples of Jesus. For more information about our study groups and activities visit Adult Faith Formation.



Banner art is taken from the Christian Seasons Calendar. Thanks to our artists for 2015-2016
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